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To book: 0049 30 405 86 912

Write us an email or just call us! Choose speakers from the voices page of your choice or let us prepare a casting for you. Send us your texts, we will arrange everything. From the translation and the scheduling right through to the delivery of the voice file via our FTP server. Let us advise you without any obligation.

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who we are

Sprecherdatei LiveLive is an internationally active business founded in 1998 and is one of the leading companies in the field of voice recordings! We have many years experience in the sound recording of advertisements, documentation, radio plays, dubbing, multimedia, image film, CD ROM, DVD ROM, podcasts, navigations and languages systems as well as guides and computer games in more than 50 languages! We are your first choice when choosing speakers and for quick and reliable setting.

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what we do

We produce your voice recording. Upon request we cut and edit the raw recording right through to the finished product. We will produce radio adverts, audio books, audio guides, image films and much more for you. We set music to images, make audio CD mastering, radio play CD mastering, radio play recordings, radio live-broadcasts, external broadcasts and ISDN circuits via MusicTaxi or APT (APTX).

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Here you can hear a voice sample if you click on the speaker symbol. On the speaker page you can hear more voice examples of the speaker. Use the two arrows to scroll through the speakers! Click on more voice samples to find the speaker page.